Albert Valize

Venlo, Niederlande
29. Dezember 1944 Wuppertal

Venlo,17.11.1896,29.12.1944,Postfacharb. (NL),Holländer,2236/44 Ba,,48 Jahre,Pneumonie; Herzinsuff.,Atemwege,Kemmelstr. 3 ,städt. Krankenanstalt. W-Barmen,Koppert; Postsekret.,Deutsche Reichspost; Postamt Barmen,Ehefrau: Charlotte geb. Müller; WO.: Venlo,,Barmen; Schützenstr.; kath.,Holländer,13,,1;18,1,



This is my Great Grandfather.

His son died in the war two years prior to his death in Germany.

His son Andreas Valize fought with the Germans and was killed in Russia.

His daughter was my grandmother and they emigrated to Australia.

Dear Lisa,

I've been working on my family tree for quite some time now and Albert is the brother of my great-grandfather Johannes Michiel Valize. Their parents were Andreas Valize and Geertrui Koenen. Albert was married to Charlotte Müller.

Could we get in touch with each other? I have some questions and I might have some information/photographs for you as well.

Thanks in advance.


Jan Valize

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